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Arica  -  - - Region XV - Arica and Parinacota - Capital : Arica - Area : 16.873,3 km2 - Population : 189.692
Region XV : Arica and Parinacota. The Region is divided in 2 provinces: Arica and Parinacota
Area : 16.873,3 km2 - Population : 189.692 - Location 18°28'30'' S, 70°18'52'' O
Capital of the Region : Arica
Province of Arica. Municipalities : Arica (Capital), Camarones
Province of Parinacota. Municipalities : Putre (Capital), General Lagos
Political Representans 2 senators, 2 deputies
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Province of Arica

Arica is the capital of the Province of Arica and of the Region de Arica and Parinacota, Chile.
Municipalities of the Province of Arica: Arica (capital is Arica City) - Camarones (capital is Cuya City)
Arica is a city and port. Visit the Atractions at Chinchorro.
Province Arica Location 18°28'43'' S , 70°18'19'' O (-18.47861, -70.30528) - 18°28'43'' S, 70°18'19'' O (-18.47861, -70.30528) - Height 2 msnm. Area 4.799,4 km2 -
Foundation april 25, 1541 - (old name was San Marcos de Arica)
Population 194.000 hab. (2002). Density 38,40 hab./km2 - People are called Ariqueño/a

Districts of Arica Municipality

District - Population (2002) - Area
Puerto - 2.744 hab. - 1,2 km2
Regimiento - 3.880 hab. - 0,7 km2
Chinchorro - 12.816 hab. - 13,3 km2
San Jose - 13.216 hab. - 1,2 km2
Population Chile - 9.086 hab. - 17,3 km2
Azapa - 14.991 hab. - 1.937,8 km2
Jose Manuel Balmaceda - 11.984 hab. - 2,7 km2
Carlos Dittborn - 10.525 hab. - 2,1 km2
Parque Lauca - 4.934 hab. - 0,4 km2
Jose Miguel Carrera - 5.836 hab. - 0,6 km2
Condell - 6.358 hab. - 0,5 km2
Fuerte Ciudadela - 28.209 hab. - 215,9 km2
Chaca - 223 hab. - 794,0 km2
El Morro - 3.286 hab. - 0,9 km2
Chacalluta - 1.684 hab. - 419,3 km2
Molinos - 649 hab. - 1.376,0 km2
Pedro Blanquier - 25.131 hab. - 7,3 km2
Cancha Rayada - 17.530 hab. - 5,3 km2
Las Torres - 11.878 hab. - 2,9 km2
Rezagados - 308 hab.

Province of Parinacota.
Putre is the capital of the province.
Municipalities of the Parinacota Province : General Lagos (capital Visviri) - Putre (capital Putre)  -

Map of Arica, Chile - Interactive Maps
Camarones General information and updated references
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Visviri General information and updated references
Arica is the Capital City of the Region Arica
Putre General information and updated references 

Covid in Arica

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